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Critical Spacetime Particle Density Research

At Logi Corp, we ask the difficult questions; "what are the maxima of particle densities when we create super-dense volumes of massless particles (the gauge boson; gluons, or even nearly massless neutrino)? 

And further; "what would kind of phenomena occurs at this critical density value?"


We aim to answer these questions at our research and development organization and apply them to bleeding-edge technologies.

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Artificial Singularity Generation and Stabilization Methodologies

Using the applied theoretical models of high-density massless particle phenomena, we believe it is possible to "jump-start" a black hole with spacetime perturbances allowing for singularity genesis and further, phenomena manipulation.

Research, Theoretical Models,
Applied Science

Active areas of research and development

Future Domains

Our engineering department is working closely with our research scientists to bring these next-generation technologies to fruition; from mock-up to full-scale production.